Google Launches Chrome Beta 10

Google Launches Chrome Beta 10. On Thursday, Google released the beta version of Chrome 10. It brings synchronization improvements as well as speed advancements.

Chrome 10.0.648.82 is created for Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS X. According to Google, the browser is capable to deliver 66% faster JavaScript performance if compare with the current version of Chrome 9. The acceleration is due to the new version of Crankshaft JavaScript engine.

Chrome 10 Beta comes with a GPU acceleration that is implemented for video. It allows better battery life as well as more efficient utilization. Google has made changes in the Settings interface. It is displayed on the Web page area. Due to this way every function of Chrome looks like a Web page, just the same is done with Downloads, History as well as Extension settings. What is new for settings is a search box. It allows a user to type on the function that is necessary for a user as well as set it on the resulting page.

Previously, Chrome could sync your bookmarks, apps, themes as well as preferences on multiple computers, but it did not have the ability to sync passwords. As for the latest beta, it allows syncing passwords under the “Personal Stuff” section found in the options menu.

There are also changes in organizing app icons. In case a Chrome Web app is installed, one can rearrange the home screen by dragging and clicking. In fact, the ability to organize apps is an exciting feature. It would be nice if developers will offer support for app folders in the next version of Google.

In case you want to try the beta, you can visit the Chrome Beta download page of Google:

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