El Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158 Telenovela

El Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158 Telenovela. Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158, El Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158, Ver Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158.
Hi, we will talk about Triunfo del Amor capitulo Hundred fifty eight, its fresh capitulo that tells much concerning Maria and Levy. Anyway, here that it is summary. I hope that you simply enjoy the novela while looking forward to Triunfo del Amor capitulo 159 as well as to get brief conclusion about his capitulo. Understand it friends.

Triunfo del Amor Capitulo Hundred fifty eight.
Victoria is released along with returns to relief her daughter Nancy Forsaken

Fer (Livia Brito) apologizes to Cruz (Pablo Montero), in which made him go ahead his jealousy. Maximiliano (William Levy) talks with all the kidnappers, says that it currently has the ransom money but has to release Victoria (Victoria Ruffo) first.

Guillermo (Guillermo Garcia Cantu) causes it to be clear to Sean (Dominika Paleta) that he is the one who instructions and sets the conditions. The abductors speak with Osvaldo (Osvaldo Rios), they do not want to see in any park and require you not filed any law enforcement, he agrees.

The particular criminals released into Victoria, the left deserted in the middle of nowhere, since they are about to receive the ransom funds. Jim slaps Guillermo, says it's really a bastard.

Bernarda (Daniela Romo) is very upset, because William refuses to answer the phone, threatening actually paid. Victoria manages to go back to where the were abducted and found Mary Forsaken (Maite Perroni) unconscious, she thinks she's dead but won't give up and attempts to revive her.

Ver Triunfo del Amor capitulo 158

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