So You Think You Can Dance Results 7/28/11

So You Think You Can Dance Results 7/28/11. “So You Think You Can Dance” season 8 results present for July Twenty-eight, 2011 opened with an interesting Tyce DiOrio group plan with fantastic costuming regarding circus performers towards the top eight danced a contemporary range choreographed to “The Circus Units Up” from the Water intended for Elephants soundtrack. Host Cat Deeley presents the judging solar panel which includes Rob Marshall, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. The lady of surprises and props will be missing and the audience is informed of which Lady Gaga will be one of many guest performances on the show. This should be interesting!

The first set of dancers struggling with elimination is got out on to the stage plus its the four girls. Your performances for each are usually reviewed and the top rated two girls are generally Sasha and Melanie who really outdid on their own last night; the bottom a pair of girls are Caitlynn plus Jordan whose routines were a little less than stellar. They will be offering their individual design of dance in self-choreographed programs in the “Dance for Your Life” section.

The second set of dancers facing elimination can be brought out on to the period and it is the guys. Yet again, the performances through last night are researched as well as the comments with the top two guys being Marko and Tadd leaving Jess and Ricky at the end. They will be joining the 2 main girls in the “Dance for ones Life” choreography.

The League involving Extraordinary Dancers would make their second look this season with a Christopher Scott “Matrix-inspired” routine to “Bernini’s Angels” simply by Kerry Muzzey. It was synchronized; it was particular sports; it was stunt-filled…in a word, that it was UBERFANTASTIC! Following the performance would be a plug for the Country wide Dance Day which is to be this Saturday, September 30, 2011. Publish those videos!

A solos begin with Jordan taking the stage to “S&M” through Rihanna. This by yourself was not at all inspiring and seems to be redundant movements. Jess follows using a Broadway routine to “Mack your Knife” by Kevin Spacey which is lovely but not much more than one extended pirouette. Caitlynn performs so that you can “What Turns You On” by Katie Thompson. There is far more likeable choreography in her routine which happens to be far better than Jordan. Tadd is definitely the last and Amaze! What a show! He / she definitely brought recreation to win…and then several. He flipped quickly the stage! His flow music was “Jump from the Line” by Harry Bellefonte.

Lady Gaga would seem on stage with your ex dancers and a significant but simplistic phase setup. She starts off right out with “Edge of Glory” and then falls in “You and I.” It was an awesome performance and the things i really like about your ex is that the majority of the girl's television stage performances are authentic! The girl might not be the best dancer, but that person can sing!

Both the dancers eliminated at some point are Jess and Jordan! Your final six vacationing in the competition are: Marko, Tadd, Ough, Caitlynn, Sasha, and Melanie. Who will be the last one standing? I will be laying bets for Melanie!

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