Baseball Scores: Yankees Continue Downslide, Red Sox And Reds Come Back

Baseball Scores: Yankees Continue Downslide, Red Sox And Reds Come Back. Require a quick recap of the Baseball Scores for Monday May 16th? Here’s your go-to location for games finished to date tonight.

Yankees 5 Rays 6

For that Yankees: Eduardo Nunez singled to center, so Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher could score within the 2nd. Then within the 5th Curtis Granderson homered to right so Russell Martin and Derek Jeter could all score.

For that Rays: In the 4th Johnny Damon homered to right. In the 6th Sam Fuld homered to right and John Jaso also scored, Matt Joyce singled to right so Evan Longoria scored and B.J. Upton homered to left center and Matt Joyce also scored.

Phillies 1 Cardinals 3

For the Phillies: Ben Francisco singled to left so John Mayberry Jr. scored the lone hit for the Phillies in the 2nd.

For the Cardinals: Nick Punto singled to right so Matt Holliday scored and Ryan Theriot singled to right so Lance Berkman scored in the 4th. Within the 7th Jon Jay singled to center and Nick Punto scored.

Blue Jays 4 Tigers 2

For the Tigers: Miguel Cabrera hit a fly to right so Austin Jackson could score in the 1st. In the 9th Jhonny Peralta homered to left center.

For the Blue Jays: Yunel Escobar hit a fly to right so J.P. Arencibia scored within the 7th. In the 8th, Aaron Hill doubled to left, Jose Bautista scored, Juan Rivera sacrificed fly right Edwin Encarnacion scored and J.P. Arencibia hit a fly left and Aaron Hill scored.

Pirates 2 Nationals 4

For that Pirates: Andrew McCutchen scored from the single to third from Steve Pearce in the 1st. Within the 7th Andrew McCutchen tripled to deep right and Ronny Cedeno scored.

For that Nationals: Wilson Ramos singled to left, Ian Desmond scored within the 1st. In the 5th Jerry Hairston Jr. homered left and in the 7th Danny Espinosa homered right and Laynce Nix also scored.

Orioles 7 Red Sox 8

For that Orioles: Derrek Lee doubled deep left, Brian Roberts scored and Vladimir Guerrero grounded to shortstop and Nick Markakis scored within the 1st. Matt Wieters singled to right, Vladimir Guerrero scored within the 3rd. Within the 5th Mark Reynolds singled to center, Luke Scott scored and J.J. Hardy hit fly to left so Matt Wieters scored. Within the 6th Adam Jones singled to deep right center, Vladimir Guerrero scored. In the 7th Mark Reynolds homered to center.

For the Red Sox: Within the 6th, Jed Lowrie doubled to deep right, J Drew scored. Jason Varitek singled to right center, Jed Lowrie scored. Adrian Gonzalez singled to left, Carl Crawford scored. Kevin Yukilis doubled deep left, Jason Varitek and Adrian Gonzalez scored. In the 7th Jason Varitek singled to left and Jed Lowrie scored and in the 9th Adrian Gonzalez doubled deep left, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia scored.

Astros 2 Braves 3

For the Astros: In the 5th Matt Downs homered left. In the 7th Matt Downs doubled deep left and Carlos Lee scored.

For the Braves: Joe Mather singled left, Eric Hinske and Alex Gonzalez scored within the 6th. In the 7th Eric Hinske singled right and Nate McLouth scored.

Cubs 4 Reds 7

For that Cubs: Within the 5th Carlos Pena scored and Darwin Barney singled right and Carlos Zambrano scored. In the 6th, Carlos Pena homered right and Marlon Byrd scored.

For the Reds: All in the 6th for that Reds, Joey Votto singled left center, Drew Stubbs scored, Brandon Phillips singled left and Edgar Renteria scored. Jay Bruce singled to right and Joey Votto scored. Scott Rolen doubled left and B Phillips scored. Jay Bruce scored on the whild pitch by Marcos Maeto. Jonny Gomes homered to right center, Scott Rolen scored.

Marlins 2 Mets 1 (in 11)

For the Mets: Justin Turner doubled right center, Daniel Murphy scored within the 4th.

For that Marlins: In the 7th Mike Stanton homered to center. Within the 11th, Burke Badenhop singled to center, Mike Stanton scored.

Rangers 4 White Sox 0

In the Ranger’s shutout: Michael Young doubled center, Endy Chavez scored. Adrian Beltre singled to left, Michael Young scored within the 3rd. Ian Kinsler singled to right center, Endy Chavez and Elvis Andrus scored in the 6th.

Indians 19 Royals 1

For the Indians: Asbrudal Cabrera scored 3 times, Shin-Soo Choo scored Twice, Travis Buck scored Three times, Jack Hannah scored Twice, Michael Brantley scored Twice, Carlos Santana scored Twice, Travis Hafner scored Twice, Orlando Cabrera scored 2 times and Matt LaPorta scored.

For the Royals: Alex Gordon scored off Billy Butlers ground to second.

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