Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Catfights And Christenings

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Catfights And Christenings. It’s the growing season premier of Real Housewives of New Jersey season three “In the specific father” and there’s no crazy Danielle anymore, but two newbies Melisssa Gorga and Kathy Wakile!

Caroline -

Chris and Albie have decided they’re moving to Hoboken, so Caroline and Albert join them within their new apartment, and Caroline cries about leaving each morning having a houseful and today everyone’s leaving her. Everyone’s home for Sunday dinner and they discuss differing people making pasta. Chris tries a cajun accent and I have a feeling there’ll be some hate mail tomorrow. Jacqueline and her family turns up and Vito, Lauren’s boyfriend, also comes and everyone grills him about marrying her.

Jacqueline -

Jacqueline goes to see Ashley at her new internship at Lizzie Grubman, you know the famous publicist, who tells Jacqueline that she hasn’t been coming in as much as she should be. Ashley freaks out and starts crying and adopts another room where Lizzie comforts her. At lunch, Chris joins and they gang up and berate Ashley about wanting to snap her fingers and get a condo in NYC…on their dime. Jacqueline stomps out when Chris ignores her while speaking with Ashley.

Teresa -

Teresa goes to Jacqueline to go over her problems about the bankruptcy and her brother Joe’s wife. About the christening day, Teresa’s trying to get 4 kids, herself and Joe ready in 45 minutes…so guess how that’s going. She blames Evelyn, who’s her hair girl, coming to Melissa’s. Even though they both have the runs, she sucks it up and goes.

Melissa -

She’s married to Teresa’s brother Joe. In the house, which is freaking amazing 15,000 sq foot home she tells the story of her and Teresa’s failing relationship and the strained relationship with Joe and Teresa. Antonia, Gino and Joey are their three children and she’s designed to possess a great work ethic…or in her own terms, ethnic. Getting ready for Joey’s christening, we meet Kathy….Joe and Teresa’s first cousin…the other newbie. Joe freaks out saying Teresa says her new folks are Jacqueline and Caroline, not them plus they are very unhappy about this. It’s the day from the christening and Lysa and Kim, Melissa’s sisters are busy drinking away pre-church. They inquire about Teresa and she tells these phones behave. Now let’s talk about her dress……I think she’s basically ready for prom. Seriously? Something which doesn’t even reach the knees, and doesn’t cover your arms, isn’t really “Praise Jesus I’m So Catholic” feeling.

Kathy -

She and Rich happen to be married for 19 many he’s Lebanese, and her father had a problem with him at first. Let’s just say these are the two most unattractive, over-tanned people I’ve seen in a while. They've two kids, Victoria and Joseph. Jeez the number of Joes will we have???

The Christening -

In the after party, Melissa tries to say she throws better parties than Teresa, but I’m not buying it. And secondly, who’s the competitive one now?? Teresa would go to see her brother, but he ignores her. Kathy also claims that Teresa is cold, and I’m just getting annoyed. Does everyone need to make something up? Kathy and Rich join Joe and Melissa to discuss Teresa now and Joe says he ignores her the way she ignores him…so how’s that family life coming?? During dancing, Joe ignores Teresa, and when husband Joe and Teresa dance with baby Joey, Melissa flips on camera. Joe then flips out at the table and tells Teresa to walk the F away in front of everyone. Then he calls her garbage. Seriously? Lysa tells her she would be a technicality to be invited. Melissa however tells everyone to calm down but Joe G goes following the other Joe G also it. is. ON. All before their ailing father. How nice. Some subtitles of “I’ll F’ing kill every single one of you”…I think originating from Melissa’s Joe. Kathy gets the kids out while even more fighting erupts. More F bombs drop and while Joe Gorga continues to freak, Teresa protects her family. Joe yells at his father, and I’m so disgusted by this act I have no words. Working and paying your debts doesn’t cause you to a guy Joe Gorga, grow up.

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