Hawaii Five-O Recap: Book’em Chin; Wo Fat Sets Up Steve For Murder

Hawaii Five-O Recap: Book’em Chin; Wo Fat Sets Up Steve For Murder. It’s the growing season One Finale for Hawaii Five-0 also it won’t disappoint! On tonight’s episode “Oia’i'o” Five-O is disbanded, and Chin gets his HPD job back….McGarrett goes rogue and ummmmm well I think that’s about this. Thanks Wo Fat, thanks.

We’re serenaded by Elvis, in Blue Hawaii, that is what Danny is watching….with Rachel….during sex. Chin gets his badge back for HPD, also obtaining a promotion to Lieutenant, but Chin turns it right down to stay at Five-0. On the way out, Chin runs into a guy that is holding the burned money that they used for Chin’s release. Upstairs, Kaye gives Steve another package which was dropped at security. This time around the skeleton key, which matches to an antique 1800s piece of furniture. Laura Hills tells the Governor that Five-0 is doing great work in the crime stats dropping, but is then blown up when she starts her car.

Kaye finds the blast came from the wheel itself, and Steve realizes they’re from mine blasts. Kaye says it had been exactly the same way her fiance was killed…by Wo Fat. They think the materials were stolen from a military base, even though searching the boys visit her ransacked house for a look. Nothing specific was taken therefore it wasn’t a robbery, however they spot the first two drawers of her desk were ripped out. Steve finds one drawer full of manilla envelopes and markers, and her writing matches it. They take it to Fung who says the writings about the envelopes show she was stressed.

Kaye calls Steve to tell him a shipment of the explosives was stolen 4 years back by Dale O’Reilly. They find him and that he says he sold it to a “Steve McGarrett.” Wait, WHAT?! Danny interrogates him asking if it was Wo Fat, but Dale stays tight-lipped. Steve brings in a video set up of his brother Gary in Iraq, to get him to talk. Chin returns and says McGarrett’s prints are over Laura’s house. Set up!

In the Governor’s mansion, Danny and Steve tell her about Wo Fat after which he recognizes the furniture to the skeleton key. Steve has got the security code and really wants to break in but everybody else thinks it’s insane. Steve tells them that Five-0 isn't a democracy; it’s a benevolent dictatorship. McGarrett gets a call that Dale’s ride to jail was shot up…so no witness. The Governor was the only person who knew besides them. they tie the lunch with the head of the Yakuza too. Danny wants a game plan, and to reconvene in the morning. But obviously Steve breaks in to the mansion that night…he’s a SEAL, that’s what they do! The bottom line is a match and he finds pictures of Laura using the envelopes inside.

Rachel meets with Danny to inform him she’s pregnant together with his child. Wow Stan’s likely to possess a rough time with that. She would like to depart Hawaii altogether and Danny says okay. No no no! Danny gets home and Steve freaks out telling him concerning the information. He blames her death on him. At HQ, Chin turns into a call about McGarrett’s warrant for arrest for Laura’s death. They wipe the drives and Dannny tells him to lay low, they’ll repair it when Steve tries to run. Away from home, he’s jumping rooftops to flee and takes the Marquis for a drive to see Kamekona for any gun. Kamekona opens up a packing crate with a lot of guns and Steve loads up.

Back at HQ, IA turns up to interrogate Kono about the missing money. Danny tells her not to say anything they’ll look after it and Chin will take off, presumably to consider his job to help. Danny tells Kaye to look at the men as they goes for Steve. Kamekona calls Danny telling him Steve loaded up. He’s after the Governor. Danny tries calling Steve while rushing for him, and Rachel calls in saying they’re waiting in the airport. Dressed as a ninja as Danny says, McGarrett’s going into the Governor’s mansion. He wants a confession recorded but she says she gave him immunity and blah blah blah. She admits to killing Laura and then Wo Fat stuns him, then shoots the Governor while planting the gun on Steve. Chin shows up with HPD and arrests him. Chin tells Danny, who’s just arrived that there is no Five-0 anymore and Danny accuses him of cut and running. But obviously he’s there to safeguard him!

Rachel and Grace hold back until there’s no time left to depart Hawaii. And Kono’s in a lineup for the breakin. Crap times two. She meets McGarrett in booking.

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