Dwts Recap: Winner Takes All Chelsea up; Kym Out of Top!

Dwts Recap: Winner Takes All Chelsea up; Kym Out of Top!. “Dancing using the Stars” brought out all the stops today using the introduction of a “Winner Takes All” dance-off for that third dance from the night which faced from the teams placing first and last as well as those placing second and third using the final round winner taking fifteen bonus judge points in to the elimination tomorrow. This first ever “instant cha-cha dance finale” for bonus points saw Hines and Kym dealing with Ralph and Karina within the first round with Hines and Kym being released on top. It had been Chelsea and Mark competing against Kirstie and Maks within the second round using the win likely to Chelsea and Mark. It had been clearly who the winner would be when Chelsea and Mark took the ground in an over-the-top cha-cha routine which the judge’s could not help but appreciate and gave them the win and the bonus points.

How did all of those other night pan out? Let’s have a quick look back at the performances and scores -

The first team to present dances this evening in rotation was Ralph and Karina who were because of the Argentine tango, salsa, and the cha-cha-cha. The Argentine tango was excellent choreography but lacked in passion leaving it emotionally flat although Ralph held position with the judges regarding good technique and great flicking. The score was 25. The 2nd dance was the salsa which Ralph was criticized for being released too aggressive and on the wild side with technique that went out your window despite the fact that he looked like he was having the most fun he's had during this season. The score was a 23. The cha-cha-cha performance was inferior to that particular of Hines and Kym which knocked them immediately from the running for bonus points and maybe right into “Dancing using the Stars” elimination. This is actually the second week consecutively they have been at the end from the pack without any injury to blame this time around out.

The second team to grace the party area in this episode was Kirstie and Maks have been given the Viennese waltz, Paso Doble, and also the cha-cha-cha. The Viennese waltz was elegant with refined movements and extensions. Kirstie looked simply beautiful within the flowing gown as she moved across the floor with Maks. The score was a 27. The Paso Doble brought out the fierce aggressive side of Kirstie as she held her very own against Maks with wonderful technique and attacking expression. The score was a 27 too. This duo was neck-to-neck with Chelsea and Mark in the cha-cha-cha dance competition but came out about the losing end. It is not certain when they will advance towards the finals tomorrow, however it looks good.

The third couple to compete this evening was Chelsea and Mark. They drew the Argentine tango, rumba, and cha-cha-cha for that dances. The Argentine tango was not very strong and Chelsea was criticized because of not following through with her lines. Her legs weren't correctly positioned with the trademark stiffness displaying bent knees and what could be considered “lazy legs.” The score, however, was greater than expected at 28. The rumba, however, was smashing having a fantastic balance between fluidity and passion. Chelsea really stepped up her game this time out and it showed within the first perfect ten from the season. It wasn't the last though. It seems the power went directly on to the cha-cha-cha routine that was won taking the additional fifteen bonus points which sent them to the top of the best choice board heading into tomorrow evening. They will undoubtedly maintain the finals.

The ultimate pair of dancers was the frontrunners, Hines and Kym. Despite the fact that Kym didn't wish to dance, the professional in her could not disappointed partner, Hines Ward. The dances these were chosen to perform were the Argentine tango, salsa, and also the cha-cha-cha. Recovering from a potentially catastrophic neck injury last Friday, the Argentine tango routine was modified just a little for safety but proved nonetheless to be absolutely gracious and moving. In fact, the emotions were so high following the finish and standing ovation through the audience and judges, Hines stopped working as well as Kym since this was the dance these were practicing when Kym was injured. While everybody was focusing on the emotional factor, Tom Bergeron brought focus on Kym’s wardrobe malfunction and covered for her while she adjusted herself on stage. The score for that performance was a perfect ten. A perfect ten was received for the next dance choreography too for the cute and charismatic salsa. The only real team gain back-to-back perfect tens tonight was unable to pull out the win in the final cha-cha-cha though losing to Chelsea and Mark in the final round. You can be certain this will be some within the finals and could perfectly collect the disco ball trophy.

We will return tomorrow evening using the results show recap and who was eliminated leaving the ultimate three to compete in the finale for the trophy of shining mirrors!

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